Welcome to 2017!

The children returned to school rested and ready to learn!

We began the week by reading The Jolly Postman by Janet & Alan Ahlberg. The children are learning about the features of letters and they enjoyed reading the various types of letters delivered by the Jolly Postman. If you receive or send any letters at home, it would be great if you could share some of the features with your child. They could even help you post a letter!

Our maths topic began with the introduction of telling the time. We worked on o’clock and half past this week. Try to talk about time at home if you can, sharing times on an analogue clock, talking about hours, days, weeks and months and discussing today and yesterday – this will help your child to understand the concept of time.

In science, the children really enjoyed learning about animals and were very interested that we can categorise animals into different groups. The children are already becoming familiar with animals belonging to each group and showed their skill by organising different animals into the correct group. We will continue this topic next week.

Science 4.1 (3) Science 4.1 (1)

Next week in English we will be writing a letter and learning about question and exclamation marks.

In maths we will consolidate our time learning with reasoning tasks to deepen the children’s understanding.

Our new homework ‘drop in’ club starts next Wednesday. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Our Year group assembly and opportunity to see your child’s work takes place on Thursday 26th January.