Well Done Year 1!

This week we have completed our half termly assessments and were very pleased with the results. From their individual starting points, the children have made good progress. However, there is still one half term to go before the children are ready for Year 2 and this half term will include the National Phonics Screening Check. As such, it is vital that the children continue to read daily at home, where they are able to apply the phonics knowledge developed in school.

Homework over the holidays is a booklet designed to consolidate the sounds that will be on the check. Doing a little bit of the booklet each day will be incredibly helpful to your child. We will also send home the homework books, as these contain your child’s login details for Mathletics. It would be great if we could raise the average number of certificates achieved on Mathletics as Y1 currently average 6 certificates a week, compared to the 12 certificates in Y2. Mathletics is a proven way to consolidate children’s mathematical understanding.