What a busy week…

It has been another busy week in Year One. As always we are so proud of the children and how they have progressed this year. In fact, when our School Improvement Partner visited us this week, she was incredibly impressed with their mathematical skills and reasoning ability.

In maths we have been learning to add using different strategies, such as using a number line, using Numicon, and counting up mentally. We added three numbers together and used the number facts we know to help us, for example in the calculation 3 + 4 + 7 we know that 3 and 7 make 10, then all we needed to do was add on the 4. The children suddenly realised how important it was to know the pairs of numbers that total 10 and 20! Lots of practise of this at home with this would really support your child. We also looked at how we can use subtraction solve missing number addition problems. If you would like to work on this skill with your child at home, and would like to know how we teach this, please see their class teacher.

We have enjoyed looking at another Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs story. We learned that all stories follow a similar format- a beginning, a problem and an ending. We retold one of the stories, using simple and compound sentences. It was really important that we used the spellings we had been learning at home in our writing.

In RE, we continued to explore the Jewish faith. We learned about the story of Passover and considered how Moses felt at different parts of the story. We used a living graph to show this.

Also this week, we began to explore dinosaur habitats. Next week will continue to learn about why certain dinosaurs are more suited to certain habitats than others. It would be great if your child could research some dinosaur habitats at home.