Whatever Next!

This week we have been enjoying a story from one of our favourite authors, Jill Murphy. First we explored other stories by her and looked for common themes in her books. Then we created freeze frames of different parts of the story and acted them out. We had great fun taking on the different roles!

Drama Oliver Whatever Next

After that we produced rockets to take Baby Bear up to the moon! We thought about what our rockets would need to keep Baby Bear safe.

making a rocket 2 Making a rocket

Baby Bear couldn’t do that long journey without food and other goods though, so we prepared a list of things he would need. We recognised that when we have more than one thing, the noun changes. We used the spelling rule for adding –s or –es as the plural maker for nouns.

Using Plurals

Later in the week we took on the role of Baby Bear, gathered our rucksacks and climbed into our rockets ready to blast off up the chimney to the moon. But just as we were about to leave we thought about how Mummy Bear would feel when she realised that we were gone! We decided to write her a letter to explain where we were going. We learned about the purpose, structure and features of a letter and used all of the skills we had been practising to help create our final letter.

Letter Writing  Layla re-reading her work  Georgia Re-reading her work.jpg

We were so proud of the children’s ability to orally compose their sentences, write them by applying all of the spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation they have been learning and then re-read what they had written to check that it made sense. They are really becoming impressive young writers!

Don’t forget next week we will be visiting the Great North Museum (Hancock) in Newcastle. The children raised the money for this visit through all of their hard work in our enterprise topic (medieval market) last half term. We will be visiting the planetarium to deepen our knowledge of our solar system and further inspire our future astronomers and astronauts. The children can wear their own clothes for the visit as we will provide them with a Newsham Hi-Vis jacket on the day.

*This week’s spelling and maths homework can be found in your child’s green home-school book. If you need any support with any of the activities provided or would like to find out more information about how you can support your child at home please speak to your child’s class teacher, or Mr Smith (Key Stage Leader), who will be more than happy to help*