An interesting week…

We have had an interesting week in Year two. Our focus in Geography this week has been a big success and the children have enjoyed learning about each of the continents and oceans. We discovered some incredible places in each and every continent.

Thursday was an exciting day – the children went to meet their Year 3 teachers. Coastguards went to Mr. Gregory in Oystercatchers and Lifeboats went to Mrs. Trueman in Kittiwakes. They had a super day together and came back to us buzzing with excitement.

And finally, we were privileged to have Ms. Cadman singing to us today. She has been working in Year 2 for the last few weeks and when we discovered she is a trained opera singer we knew we couldn’t miss this opportunity. The children were entranced as she sang a piece from La Traviata. Then they joined in with a local folk song from Cullercoats. It was a wonderful experience for us all!

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