Mapping the World!

This half term we are learning about celebrations around the world. To do this we need to learn about the geography of our planet! This week we started to develop key map skills and explored a range of maps at a local, national and global level, developing understanding of how to navigate an atlas to find key countries, continents, oceans and seas. We made our own maps and routes. Next week we will learn how to ‘view from above’ looking at aerial photographs to spot human and physical features and understand simple map symbols.

We have been exploring our five senses to create shape and acrostic poems. We used bonfire night and firework displays as our inspiration and have come up with some fantastic descriptive language!

In Maths, we have been handling data in the form of pictograms, bar charts and tally charts. The children have been interpreting the data to answer questions about what the information shows.

• Parents meeting 5pm – 6.30pm Thursday 17th November
• You will be receiving a letter about providing the children with an experience of what it is like to take part in ‘The Festival of Colours’ (Holi)
• Please remember to remove all earrings on Tuesdays for P.E.