Preparing for the market!

We’ve had another busy week in Year 2! We are continuing our work on The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and the children have explored story structure and completed a sustained piece of writing to retell the story. Next week we will be creating a new character for our story.

In maths we have began to explore subtraction of two-digit numbers. At home, to support your child, it would be valuable to practise recalling number facts to 20 and their corresponding subtraction facts, e.g. 1+19=20, 20=17+7, 20-14=6.

In science, we are conducting an experiment to prove to Rocky and Road that plants DO need water to grow. They don’t believe us! We considered what we would measure and how we would conduct the investigation, as well as thinking of ways to keep our test fair.

We are looking forward to our ‘Victorian Market’ on 19th October and are busy preparing our wares! This week, we have designed and made Victorian brooches in clay. They are beautiful!

REMINDER KS1 trip to Beamish on October 12th
NO P.E. next week due to school photos. Remember to look smart!