Sensational Safari

Our new topic this half term is Africa and we have been introducing the children to the continent of Africa, looking specifically at the country of Kenya. We have been using the i pads and non-fiction books from the library to research different elements of life in Kenya including location, weather and climate, landmarks and geographical features, animals and what life is like for children in Kenya.
The children used the information they collected to create non-chronological reports about Kenya and after watching a video about the life of a child called Evangeline, they wrote a comparative piece showing the similarities and differences between life here and life in Kenya.
We also planned and designed our own National Parks which included all the relevant features needed for tourists to visit on safari and created keys to explain the symbols.
In maths this week we have been reviewing our learning from the year and have been applying the skills and knowledge we have acquired in money and coins, doubles and halves, multiplication and division and problem solving.