Spring has Sprung!

It has been a busy week in Year 2 studying animals and preparing for our imminent end of key stage assessments. Thank you to all the parent’s who attended the KS1 SAT meeting on Wednesday morning. If anyone has any questions about the upcoming assessments or would like some advice on how to help your child succeed just ask a member of Year 2 staff.

At the start of the week the children conducted a micro-habitat survey to answer the question ‘Do all mini-beasts live in the same habitats?’ They used their Maths skills to record their findings in tables and charts and discussed the results using the science terminology they have learned.



In English we have continued to study the Anthony Browne picture book called ‘Gorilla’ and the children are becoming great reading detectives, using their inference skills to decide how characters are feeling. The words sad and happy have now been banned and the children are improving and widening their vocabulary by coming up with some amazing words to replace these over used ones, which has been reflected in the descriptive language they have used in their writing.


At the end of the week each class held elections to choose two Junior Leadership Representatives. The children took this very seriously by writing their own campaign speeches and thinking about their election platform. After presenting their arguments to the class, there was an official democratic vote and we were very pleased with how all the children took part in such a grown up and mature manner!JLT elections (1) JLT elections (5)