Stepping Back into the Past!

What a fantastic week we have had in Year Two!

On Wednesday we went to Beamish open-air museum where we were able to apply our knowledge and understanding of life in the past. In Old Pockerley Hall we used tallow to make traditional candles, baked ginger biscuits and made fragrant lavender bags to keep the smells away (they only had a bath once a year 150 years ago!). We also washed clothes in the washtub, using a posset and carbolic soap to get the stains out. It was hard work living in the past!

IMG_3045 IMG_3034 IMG_5437 IMG_5481 IMG_5468 IMG_5464 IMG_5461

In Design Technology we used a traditional Victorian recipe to recreate a delicious pumpkin soup, using the pumpkins we grew in the schools garden. We planted the seeds last June and they grew into incredible specimens, which we chopped, sliced and pureed. You will be able to sample this yummy taste from the past at our Victorian market next Wednesday.

This week we have experienced life as a real, published author. We used feedback to edit our writing and re-drafted our own versions of the Velveteen Rabbit. We realised just how important correct spelling and grammar was to our writing so it was entertaining (and made sense) to our readers.


  • Tuesday 18th October: Children can come to school in Victorian clothing for our special workshop. We also have PE this day, so children will need their kit in a bag.
  • Wednesday 19th October: Parents and carers are invited, from 2:15pm onwards, to our Victorian Market. This will take place in the school hall. The children have worked very hard to create their traditional Victorian wares. Bring plenty of shillings! All money raised will go towards future experiences, such as this, giving your child the best and most exciting curriculum. As always, we thank you for your continued support.