The Long and the Short of it…..

We have had a fantastic second week back with the children. They have quickly adapted to the new routines encountered in Year Two and they are showing us just how much they have matured.

This week we have continued to explore the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and we created our own story maps so that we could better understand how the story is structured. We will use our story map next week, when we will break the story down into the events that happen at the beginning, during the build-up, problem, resolution and ending.

In maths we have concentrated on the place value of two digit numbers. We used this knowledge to compare and order numbers and solve place value problems.

Maths Grid


In music, we are learning to recognise long and short sounds in songs by listening carefully, copying rhythms and singing some lovely songs. Music, especially rhythm has been strongly linked to reading ability and can really improve your child’s listening capability.


The day we are visiting Beamish Museum will now change from Thursday 29th September to Wednesday 12th October. If you have not yet returned your form/£9 contribution, there is still time!



Children now come to school in their PE kit on a PE day. Y2 PE is on a Tuesday.