Welcome Back!

Firstly, we would like to welcome back all of our children and families. We hope you have all had a fantastic summer break. It has been wonderful to hear about all of the adventures they have been on and they all seem to have shot up in height!

This week we have started to learn about our wider topic of houses and homes. We have considered what makes a home and explored how homes differ around the world. On Wednesday, we walked around our local area and recorded the different types of houses we saw, noting their external features. When you are out and about with your child, it would be great of you could reinforce this learning by pointing out and discussing the similarities and differences between detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, flats and any other home you spot, e.g. static caravans.

In English we have began reading ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Marjory Williams. It’s the story of a child’s toy that becomes real. The book cements an otherwise unheralded writer’s place in the children’s literary canon, and has been read, loved, and passed on by generations since its publication in 1922. It’s a simple, melancholy story with timeless appeal. Sometimes, the books we read as children can be the ones that influence us most when we reach adulthood, and anyone who’s read Williams’ book knows it’s unforgettable. It teaches us all invaluable lessons about life, love, and ‘realness’.

In maths we have been learning how to measure mass and weight so that we could bake bread, ready for our Victorian Market. Miss Masterson’s maths group have been learning to compare the weight of objects and measure them using a balance. Mrs Kearney and Mr Smith’s maths group have been learning to measure weight in grams and kilograms, reading scales in different increments. Spending time baking with your child can be a great way to reinforce essential maths and English skills, whilst also spending quality time with your child.

In music, we learnt to distinguish between long sounds and short sounds. We loved creating our own sound patterns for our friends. Developing rhythm has been proven to key to developing early reading and writing.

We have a very busy and exciting week ahead planned. Amongst other things, we will be:

–       exploring the differences between modern houses and houses from the past.
–       learning about the place value of two-digit/ three-digit numbers.
–       investigating what plants need to grow.
Don’t forget:

–       Year Two PE is on Tuesday. Children will need to come to school wearing their PE kits. This will prevent kits being lost in school.
–       A KS1 parent meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 21st September at 9am in the main hall.