Y2 – Lifeboats and Coastguards

The children in Year Two learnt how a knight was armed and fought as they watched a knight being dressed in his harness of armour by his loyal squire. They were lucky enough to handle real items of armour and weapons – discovering how heavy chain mail was and what it is like to wear a real bassinet. Once trained, they took on the roles as attackers and defenders as they acted out their parts in Alnwick Castle’s medieval Barbican (defensive gateway).  The children, in costume, used their knowledge of previous battles to work out attacking strategies to overcome the multiple defensive elements.  Once the defences crumbled, or the attackers captured, they visited the dungeon to experience how a captive knight would have treated! After that, the children were able to explore the castle interior and exterior, learning how the castle had changed over the ages. They also extended their learning about the Percy family and their importance to our local history.