Busy busy busy

We have been so busy in Year 3 the past few weeks, despite the Summer holidays on the horizon the children have continued to give 100%. We have been doing some excellent work around our tall ships topic. The children are excited about the tall ships coming to Blyth in August and have learnt a great deal about why they are coming and where they are going. We have done lots of research about William Smith, music and singing, poetry, art work; painting, drawing, sculptures, crafts, you name it! The children have enjoyed the topic based work, and have still managed to fit in all of their maths and literacy work so that they are suitably ready for Year 4! Needless to say, they are getting tired and are ready for the Summer break.

Oystercatchers have also been working very hard in their swimming lessons, they have their assessments this afternoon and are looking forward to their final week next week, where they will have a swimming session where they are allowed to play and have fun. They have been a pleasure to take out of school and watch progress.

Keep checking our Year 3 gallery for new albums showing what the children have been up to.