Play Scripts – The Twits

twits playscript (2)

We started our Play Scripts topic in Literacy in a really exciting way. We were given a copy of a scene from The Twits by Roald Dahl and initially we had to search to highlight all of the key features that make a play script unique. We colour coded them to make it clear.

When we had found all of the features, we were then given time to practise acting out the scene in groups of three. One member of each group took on the role of the narrator while the other two had the less fortunate job of playing the disgusting Mr and Mrs Twit.

twits playscript (8)

When we had finished practising and improving our version of the scene, we then had to perform to an audience of our classmates. We were given a Success Criteria of being able to speak clearly, be as expressive as possible, engage with our audience while trying not to read from our script too much. The final results, given the fact this was our first attempt, were fantastic! There are some definite future acting talents in year 3!

twits playscript (14) twits playscript (23)

Here’s a copy of the scene, feel free to share what the key features are at home and have a go at improving your acting skills too!