An Introduction to Anglo Saxons

This week, in year 4, we started our new topic on the Anglo-Saxons. We wanted to start by creating a timeline of British History so that we had a context of when the Anglo-Saxons invaded, and settled in, our country. In our groups, we were each given a period of British History which we had to place in order on the timeline.

Anglo Saxons Intro (10)  Anglo Saxons Intro (11)

We then identified the Anglo Saxon era and discussed how long ago it was in our history. Chronologically, their settlement took place directly after the Romans, who we learned in Year 3 had defeated the Celts, left our country.

Anglo Saxons Intro (4)

In small groups, we wrote down what we already knew about the Anglo Saxons and shared this with the rest of the class.

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Anglo Saxons Intro (6)

We Found out why they invaded our country and where in Europe they had arrived from.

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