Anti-Bullying Week

In Year 4, we took part in a variety of activities to help us to better understand the importance of Anti-Bullying week.

On Monday, we discussed the difference between a falling out with a friend and bullying. The mnemonic STOP helped us to remember this. Bullying is when something happens Several Times On Purpose. When we had a secure understanding of this, we were given a range of scenarios that may occur to someone inside a school. We had to decide whether they were bullying or not and then categorise them in this way. When we had finished this, we worked in small groups to create our own drama based on one of the bullying situations with the remit that we had to come up with a solution for the person dealing with the bully.

IMG_0998 Antibullying Whales (5) Antibullying Whales (16) Antibullying Whales (20) IMG_0739 Antibullying Whales (22) IMG_0736