Beast Quest Drama

Our new class novel is Beast Quest and we’ve been getting very excited about this exciting adventure story. As a part of our first session on Beast Quest, we took part in some drama activities to reinforce what we had found out in the first chapter.

At first, we had to pretend to be the main character, Tom, when he walking back to village. At this point, he smells smoke in air and notices a peculiar shape flying off into the distance. During our acting, at certain points, we all had to do a freeze frame. If we were touched, we had to explain what we were thinking and feeling at that moment in time.

In groups, we then had to come up with short performances of sections of the chapter, focusing on when Tom tells the villagers that he wants to go on a journey and ask the king for help.

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There are so many exciting opportunities for learning with Beast Quest, keep on checking back here to find out more about what we’re up to!Beast Quest Drama update (3) Beast Quest Drama update (6)