Computing: Coding in Year 4

In year 4, during our computing lessons, we have been developing our coding skills. For those of you who don’t know, coding is like the language of computers. Everything that you have ever seen on a computer screen or have enjoyed while playing on a computer game has been created using code.

Year 4 Coding J2e (2)
At the start of each computing session, we spend a few minutes practicing our typing skills.

Typing Skills – Use this link, if you need to improve your typing skills too.

First of all, we used code to make some pac man characters move and talk.
First of all, we used code to make some Pac-man characters move and talk.

In order to make it more realistic, we made their mouths open and close when they were speaking, using the ‘switch costume to next’ command. To stop the characters from speaking at the same time, we added in ‘wait for …seconds’ commands.

Year 4 Coding J2e (5)

In the end, we had complete conversations that had been created purely through code that could be watched and enjoyed by the rest of the class.

When some of us had mastered this basic code, we moved onto ‘if’ commands. For example, we were using a Bat and a Spider character and we created code so that ‘if: touching bat’ the spider would yell and then we used the ‘hide sprite’ command to make it disappear.

Year 4 Coding J2e (12)

Year 4 Coding J2e (11)

With coding, anything is possible.

If you want to practice your coding skills, head over to the j2Code website link below:


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