Daily Mile

The Summer Term is well under way and, with it, has come consistently decent weather over the last few weeks. Every day since we came back to school, we have been taking part in our ‘Daily Mile’ exercise. Rather than doing a mile each day, this term we are alternating our route and fitness push on different days to develop our stamina. On one day we might complete the full mile but on the next day we might complete one lap of the field and top yard. On these short routes, the expectation is that we push ourselves as much as we can and aim to complete the lap in a faster time than the last time we did it. This, in turn, is having a huge impact on the longer mile days, where, as a year group, we have all been really proud of much effort everyone is putting in to do the mile.


daily mile y4 (3)

daily mile y4 (7)

daily mile y4 (14)

daily mile y4 (5)

daily mile y4 (16)

If you have found a real passion for running, like many children in our year group have, don’t forget to get in touch with Blyth Running Club to take this a step further. Several children in the year group are already signed up and have since taken part in athletics festivals, training evenings and have challenges in mind for the future that we know they will achieve. Find out more here: Blyth Running Club or on their Facebook page.