Last week, we were very fortunate to have Mrs Tingey, a Waste and Recycling Education officer from Northumberland County Council,  come in to visit our school to tell us all about the importance of recycling. On Wednesday morning, we had a whole school assembly and Mrs Tingey told us all about the different ways we can recycle at home and at school.

Recycling Mrs Tingey (7)

Later on, she came into year 4 to give us a workshop on some of the more specific aspects of recycling. First of all, she showed us a video clip which explained what happens to our recycling. We found out that in recycling plants there are many different processes that our recycling goes through. It has to get checked and sorted to make sure that there are not any items in there that shouldn’t be before being sorted into paper, plastic and metal.

Recycling Mrs Tingey (5)

Mrs Tingey then passed around loads of different items that were made from recyclable materials, such as: coasters, benches, pencil cases, fleeces, football shirts, hats, clipboards, toys and so much more.

Recycling Mrs Tingey (15) Recycling Mrs Tingey (13)

Following on from that, we were asked to be honest and vote as to how much food waste we produced. Mrs Tingey share our results and explained some of the most common ways that food is wasted. Did you know that on average our country waste 12.5 billion pounds worth of food? Over a third of most peoples bread gets wasted and a lot of this waste can be avoided. We found out that, apart from bananas, all of your fruit should be kept in the fridge as it can last up to five times longer!

Recycling Mrs Tingey (17)

We learned about recycling in a variety of different ways and we are currently making posters, leaflets, dramas and songs to encourage our local community to recycle. Check back soon for more exciting developments.