The Vikings

This term, in Year 4 we are going to be learning about the Vikings in our history topic.

We have already shared what we already knew about the Vikings with our classmates before thinking about any questions we would like to find out by the end of the topic.

In our first session, we learned about the importance of Lindisfarne, Holy Island in our county. In 793 AD, Viking raiders attacked the peaceful monks there and took with them gold, treasures from the monastery, books and even monks back to Scandinavia as slaves. We are producing art work to show the contrast between the monks and the Vikings during this struggle.

In PE, during our dance unit, we are creating an interpretive dance sequence linked to the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. Within this, again, we are looking at contrasting themes. We are looking at the sea journey and how the waves can be both wild and calm. The children will be representing this using movement and will continue their dance showing the differences between the aggression and strength of Viking raiders and the peaceful monks.


Viking Dance Whales (22)