Viking Day

We had an incredible day on Tuesday, celebrating the Vikings and getting involved in a variety of activities to help us learn more about these invaders from Scandinavia.

During the morning, we found out about the key events that took place in Britain during the Viking invasion and settlement. We watched historical video clips, read fact files and information sheets and even acted as Viking archaeologists, studying artefacts and having discussions about what we thought they might be used by while justifying our opinions. We then used this information to produced a section on a physical timeline in the classroom. These sections included: Lindisfarne, Ripton, York, the Danelaw and Alfred the Great.

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We also studied Viking runes and decoded some messages that were found in caves that had been left behind by Viking settlers at the time. We are going to use these Runes to decorate the sails of the Viking Longboats that we are busy making. Have a go yourself at home:


Throughout the day, we were lucky enough to be able to go outside and work in small group to start to make our sails. We used running stitch to create a boarder for our design and next week we are going to add on a Viking rune that either represents a letter that is significant to us or means something that we find interesting.

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After handwriting and guided reading in the afternoon, we then started designing and making our own Viking longboats. We created a paper template, cut it out and then drew around it on pieces of cardboard. After we had made two identical sides, we stapled them together and attached a new piece of card to the centre for the mast. Next week, we will be making our shields, painting our ships and adding our finished sail.

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Well done to everyone who made the effort to get dressed up, you all looked great. Odin and Frigg would be proud!

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