Spring Science – Reversible and Irreversible changes (materials)

This term we have been learning about the properties of materials. We revised the three states of matter and discussed how materials change state.



We discussed what we thought dissolving meant and then explored some different materials and used science models to explain what was happening.


IMG_2134 IMG_2135 IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2140 IMG_1121 IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124




As part of our new learning, we explored the absorbency of materials and designed experiments to find out which was the most absorbent.

Picture2 IMG_1040 IMG_1039 IMG_1037 IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1032 IMG_1031 IMG_1030

Separating mixtures and solutions


We worked together to find ways of separating mixtures using filtration and solutions using evaporation.


IMG_1643 IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1620 IMG_1630 IMG_1642