Phew! What a busy summer term it’s been!

Where do we start?



The children have been working and rehearsing nonstop in preparation for our ‘amazing’ production of Joseph which hopefully, you all had the pleasure of watching. One thing the Year 6 team could see was the confidence, dedication and enthusiam the children showed throughout every performance. There were tear of joy and happiness (not just the children but staff too!) and we are all extremely proud of them and hope they remember where their West End career started!

IMG_0867 IMG_0866


Kensuke’s Kingdom and Japan

Year 6 have been reading the award winning novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo which has inspired us to research about Japan and Japanese culture. As a result of this, we have produced some stunning Japanese artwork and written our very own messages in a bottle just like Michael. We spent lots of time improving our sketching and painting techniques to replicate the famous painting ‘The Wave’ by Hokusai.


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Northumberland School Games


We were lucky enough to qualify for the school games by winning two previous netball tournaments. This was a very special event where the best schools and local celebrities, including Olympians, shared a day of sporting events and celebrations.

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