Woodhorn Poppies

Year 6 had a fantastic, once in a life time opportunity to be part of the ‘Weeping Window of Poppies’ which recently visited Woodhorn museum, on its  tour of England, before ending up in Liverpool for this year’s remembrance service.


The children were enthralled by this spectacular sight, asking lots of questions about the construction and meaning of this fantastic display.  During the visit they asked if we could recreate this back at school:

Y6 Display Woodhorn 2

We used this experience to write poems and letters in the style of soldiers from the war and for our whole school Remembrance assembly.

Peace in the graves

Officers fought for us

Poppies grow between crosses

People lost their lives in the war

Yesterday we fought, but today we have peace.

The whole experience has been a wonderful starting point for learning: language, art, history, geography, RE and PSHE.

Y6 Display Woodhorn