Y6 Dog Awareness Sessions

Following the unfortunate recent news of the dog attack in Blyth, a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Amy attended School on Friday to present a Dog Safety Awareness presentation to the year 6 students, some of who were involved in the attack.

Amy explained to the students different body languages and what dogs try to tell us with their signals and behaviour, as well as information on how to behave around dogs, how to avoid dog bites in the future and how to behave and react in certain, potentially dangerous situations.

We hope by educating our pupils how to act in these situations, that future dog attacks can be prevented in the area.

Following Amy’s visit, Assistant Head Teacher, Mrs Elton said, “Thank you so much for today. The pupils in Year 6 were fascinated and found your presentation to be truly inspirational and I know they have learned many new facts. I am reassured that¬† the pupils are now equipped to make more positive decisions about how they will behave around different dogs, to keep themselves safe.¬† The information leaflets you supplied were a great follow up and will help inform families and the wider community too.”

Children in Reception to Y5 enjoyed dog safety awareness sessions with a local Health Visitor on Thursday 7th July who worked with a year group at a time.

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