Year 6 Enterprise

Since Blyth is hosting The Tall Ships this year, Year 6 decided to make this their theme for enterprise day. Children participated in the Virgin Money ‘fiver challenge’ whereby they each borrowed £5 to help them buy equipment to make items to sell. This money had to be repaid back, with interest, at the end of the project therefore was a good way for the children to learn the fundamentals of running a business, as they couldn’t make a loss!! The enterprise day was a huge success and the money raised was £1028, of which £275 was owed to Virgin Money.  This fundraising event also paid for the Year 6 visit to Hexham Gaol earlier in the term and the pupils are still deciding how to spend the remaining balance. The children had a fantastic time planning, organizing and running this enterprise day and we would like to thank parents and pupils throughout school for their support and generosity in making this event so successful.


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