Our Reception Classes are Starfish and Seahorses.


Thursday – Reading book change

Friday – Show and tell


9th Feb 2022 – Meeting the Police

Our Reception pupils are learning about people who help us, today they had a special visit from the police. Can you spot who they put in the back of the police van?


4th Feb 2022 – Year of the Tiger

Gung hay fat choy – Chinese New Year 2022! The year of the tiger. Being courageous and competitive and always ready for a challenge. Reception have certainly shown that this week.

Reception Home Learning WALL OF FAME!

Our home learning focus this week was being healthy!

Eating healthy foods, exercising, being hygienic and sleeping well are so important help our bodies be the best they can be. We learned all about this with the help of ‘Oliver’s Vegetables‘ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad‘ by Vivian French and Sid the Science Kid. We even had a home sports day!

We are incredibly proud of how hard the children are working at home! Here are a few examples…

Reception Home Learning WALL OF FAME!

This week at home, we learned that ‘Love is Love’ no matter which shape or size it comes in!

We thought about our own families with the help of the ‘The Great Big Book of Families‘ by Mary Hoffman and compared them to families that are different to ours. We also thought about what we love, as well as who we love.