Year 6 Curriculum News and Parent Information Meetings

Our Year 6 Classes are Atlantis and Neptune
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Happy New Year!

We have hit the ground running in Year 6, the children have come back from the Christmas break focused and ready to learn. Look out for newsletters coming home with more details of the exciting things that will be happening this term.

Although we have lots of fun things happening we can’t shy away from ‘SATs’. We have scheduled MOCK SATs for WC 28th January so that the children can get a feel of how the official SAT’s week will run. It is really important that during that week, the children get plenty of sleep, a good breakfast and are in school on time each morning.

There will be lots of boosters running throughout the year, if your child receives an invitation, please make every effort to return the form as soon as possible and encourage your child to attend. If for any reason they are unable to, it would be helpful if you could let us know at the first available opportunity. We look forward to another fun-filled, productive and busy term ahead with our wonderful Year 6 children.

Half term is almost here!

We got off to such a busy start and have had an excellent 7 weeks so far, we can hardly believe we are almost at the end of our first half term. The children have been amazingly enthusiastic in literacy this year and have absolutely love ‘Holes’. They were issued with boiler suits when they entered ‘Camp Green Lake Juvenile Correctional Facility’ which has fully engaged them and has had an outstanding impact on their writing, role play, speaking and listening skills.

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This week we have spent a lot of time on our history topic WW2, completing writing about what it was like for women and how their roles changed and completing art work of propaganda posters. Look out for their topic based homework coming home next week so that they can make a start over half term.

The children are all excited about the Halloween disco this evening and being able to let their hair down after working so hard. Some children also have a tag rugby tournament to look forward to next week and have been working hard in lessons to prepare.

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Next half term we will be getting netball club, choir and booster clubs up and running, if your child gets an invite to booster please encourage them to attend.


STEM – Bring it On! Big Bang 2018

Two children from every class in Key Stage 2 were chosen to take part in the inaugural Big Bang STEM event at Sunderland’s Beacon of Light. Bring It On 2018 had more than 80 engineering businesses from all over the region who showcased real-life engineering to us and more than 2000 other children from the north east.  We were able to get actively involved in activities from a range of different engineering sectors and we were encouraged throughout the day to be curious and ask questions. Most of found at least 4 or 5 different careers that we wanted to be a part of when we get older. Make sure you ask us all about it! Find out more here: Bring it on 2018

We are the featured photograph!


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Welcome to Year 6

It’s only week three and already Year 6 have been swamped with exciting and invigorating curriculum coverage, lessons and visitors. We are loving our new class novel Holes which we are reading in literacy as well as Fireweed, our class reader. This text is all about children living through WW2 in London, helping the children to get an insight into life during the Blitz.

We have a specialised PE teacher in teaching tag rugby at the moment which the children have fully engaged in. Please make sure children come in full PE kit on a Monday so they don’t miss out. We have also had an electrical engineer in to help get our electricity unit in science off to an ‘electrifying’ start and the energy from the kids was over 300,000 volts!!!

Sign up sheets are available now for parent’s evening on Monday 1st and Wednesday 3rd of October, if you are unable to get into school to sign up for a slot could you please put some possible times in your child’s diary and we will accommodate you the best we can with your given day and time. Looking forward to speaking to you all soon.