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Login to your Mathletics account here.

Mathletics is a multi-award winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – hugely popular with pupils, teachers and parents alike. In school we celebrate success by awarding certificates for points gained in Mathletics every week.


  • Engaging, pupils love learning with Mathletics
  • Supports the curriculum work your child is following at school
  • Accessible anywhere, any time. Tablet compatible – now also including offline mode
  • Mathletics is independently verified to improve pupils results
  • Track your child’s progress and assign them activities via the Family Console
  • Instant feedback, encouraging independent learning

Almost every pupil in school loves to play TT Rockstars . It is an excellent way to learn times tables and speed up recall. Learn more about what you can do on the site here or watch the video below.

EducationCity is an online interactive learning platform that provides a host of engaging, educational resources and games for primary aged children. In addition to this there are a range of activities and tools that can support parents and children when learning at home.

At Newsham we recognise the importance of home learning and have invested in home licences for all children in school to be able to access this captivating, online learning resource at home. All activities and tasks are aligned to the National Curriculum and are designed to help children learn in an enjoyable way.

Log in here, or find out more by watching the video below.



For more suggestions and websites to support home learning, please look at this document.

Suggestions for home and school learning activities