Behaviour For Learning

We believe that positive behaviour in school and the wider  community is underpinned by core values. We believe these values should be demonstrated by pupils to the very best of their ability. Furthermore, we believe that they should be displayed by adults working with the children.

The ‘7Rs’ are about more than ‘being good’. We believe that they are a pathway to developing characteristics which support life long learning and becoming a positive citizen.

In a format appropriate to the understanding of the child, we discuss how pupils can demonstrate positive learning behaviours. An example of the way we discuss this can be seen below.Behaviour for Learning website

There are many ways that we recognise positive learning behaviours at Newsham Primary School.

Class teachers nominate a child from their class on a weekly basis to be put forward for our Word of the Week award. Every week, one of the 7R words is selected in turn and a child who it is felt best demonstrates the   qualities underpinning that word receives a small prize in front of his or her peers.

A Star of the Week is selected from each class. They will have displayed positive behaviours relating to all, or most of the 7Rs. As well as receiving an award in assembly, they will be invited to a party with one of the Deputy Head Teachers.

If a pupil consistently displays these qualities over a longer period of time, they may be chosen as Star of the Month. This means their parent/ carer will receive a letter at home, and the child earns a medal and some biscuits.

Throughout the day, staff will move children on behaviour charts, hand out team points and offer praise as they   notice positive learning behaviours. On most of these occasions they will explain why they have made these decisions.

Pupils who display negative learning behaviours will receive an explanation of how they have presented. They will become involved in the processes of the Newsham Primary Behaviour Policy.

Where Behaviour Presentations Go Wrong

If pupils do not respond well to the positive behaviour guides, they may become subject to elements of the behaviour policy. The detailed policy is below. However, pupils at Newsham are clear in how this works for them in a practical way. The school has trained counsellors to support potential victims and perpetrators will be subject to the processes in the Behaviour Policy.

Similarly, the Newsham community will not tolerate bullying. There are regular discussions about bullying in school in assembly, in PSHE sessions in pastoral sessions, and when the issue crops up. These sessions include advice on;

  • what bullying is/ is not
  • what to do if you see/ experience bullying
  • how not to be a bully

Pupils, parents and carers know that they can report bullying to any member of staff. They also know there are other reporting methods, such as the ‘whisper button’ which is the reporting button at the bottom of this page.

The chart below shows how a report of bullying will be processed.

Bullying 2