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Welcome to the Junior Leadership Team Page.

Keep regularly checking back here for updates on what we have been up to. Remember, the JLT members are your elected representatives. In our school, we believe in democracy and your JLT member has a duty to get your voice heard during our meetings. If you have any suggestions, let them know and they will raise it on a Friday morning with Mr Gregory.

Love Northumberland Awards 2017

Following on from our successful ‘Northumberland Week’, we were invited to the Love Northumberland Awards for the second year running. This year, we were up for the ‘Best Children’s Project’ award and we came second, winning £100 and a new bench for the school. The highlight of the evening was when the Duchess of Northumberland spoke to us at the end of the ceremony to say how impressed she was with the children’s behaviour!

Newsham 3 Love Northumberland 2017 (4) Newsham 4 Newsham 2

Northumberland Week


On the week beginning 22.5.17, we will be supporting with a wide range of activities linked to celebrating what makes out county special. As a JLT, we will be focusing on getting out into the community and helping to restore some pride in our town and our county as a whole. Our JLT slogan for this week is: ‘Newsham Loves Northumberland’.

Tidying the School Grounds

Yesterday (4.5.17), we started our project to keep our school grounds clean. We tidied the path that leads to the main entrance and started tidying up the overflow car park. We were able to collect 2 bags of recycling and one bag of general waste. We hope that if we set the example, everyone else will take pride in our area and work to keep things tidy.

JLT litter pick school (10) JLT litter pick school (12) JLT litter pick school (1) JLT litter pick school (14)

Foundation Stage Litter Pick Project

The JLT members are currently creating resources, activities and posters to share with the children in the foundation stage. This project is being run from start to finish completely by the members of the JLT. Mr Gregory wants us to organise everything ourselves and see this project through to the finish. Keep checking back for regular updates on our progress.

Foundation recycling project (1) Foundation recycling project (2) Foundation recycling project (3) Foundation recycling project (4)

Litter Pick Poster Competition

Last term, we asked all of the children in the school to design a poster to raise awareness of the importance of picking up litter in our community. The examples we received were outstanding which made our job of selecting final entries very difficult. We initially chose 25 examples that we thought perfectly highlighted how vital it is to pick up litter. Mr Jones then showed these examples to the rest of the school before asking us to reduce this number down to a final 8. Now that we have done this, with each JLT member arguing their case for which examples they felt were best, we look forward to Mr Jones making copies of these posters and displaying them around the school grounds!

JLT deciding litter posters (1) JLT deciding litter posters (3) JLT deciding litter posters (6) JLT deciding litter posters (8)

Cutting the ribbon on our new ‘Buddy Bench’

In assembly today (19.10.16), the JLT and Mr Gregory spoke to key stage 2 about our new Buddy Bench on top yard. We explained that this bench was for children who were feeling lonely during playtime and lunchtime. When sat there, a member of the JLT, a lunchtime leader or any member of school can offer to help you find someone to play with. Mr Jones asked us to think of a way that these helpful friends can be recognized and we thought that we could give out stickers to helpful people. Keep an eye out for them soon!

Buddy Bench Launch (1)

Buddy Bench Launch (4)

Buddy Bench Launch (5)

Celebration –

Winning First Place in the Waste Management category at the Love Northumberland Awards:

On Monday 20th June, Mr Gregory and two representatives from the JLT, Grace and Bethany, went to Alnwick Gardens for a special occasion. The JLT’s recycling and litter pick initiatives had been recognized as the best in the entire county for Waste Management. The ceremony was presented by Carol Malia from Look North and we received our trophy and certificate from the Duchess of Northumberland. While we were there, we also found out about some fantastic projects that are happening across our county by some incredible schools, groups and special individuals and we felt honoured to be representing our school alongside them. Mr Gregory and the JLT would like to thank all of the staff, members of our community and children who helped make this project such a success. We hope that this is the first trophy of many to come in the future!

Love Northumberland Awards Ceremony (18) Love Northumberland Awards Ceremony (20)

As part of our prize for coming in first place, we were given a ‘Buddy Bench’ made of recycled materials by the Marmax company. We were already planning on creating a ‘Friend Zone’ in school and this has really helped us move this forward. Take a look at Grace and Bethany posing for the official county photographer below!

You Asked, We Sorted:


Love Northumberland Hate Litter (15) Love Northumberland Hate Litter (12)

Love Northumberland Hate Litter (16)

Recently, the residency association in our area complained about the amount of litter in our community. With the Help of Mrs Tingey from Northumberland County Council, Councilor Deidre Campbell and members of our local Co-Op, we decided to do something about it. As part of the Love Northumberland, Hate Litter campaign, we were given Hi-Vis Jackets, Litter Grabbers and loads of bin/recycling bags to help us. We went out into Newsham and found areas which had been ruined by the amount of litter on the ground and cleared it up. While we were working, we were really pleased to hear the positive feedback from members of our community who appreciated our hard work. This is just the beginning though! In the future, we are going to be planning a lot more litter picks throughout Blyth so if there any members of our community who would be willing to help, please get in touch!

For more information on our successful litter pick and the Love Northumberland, Hate Litter Campaign, please click on the following link:

Love Northumberland, Hate Litter – News Post Leader Article


Designing a new local park:

JLT park suggestions (6) JLT park suggestions (7)

As Many of you will know, there will soon be a new park directly across from our school grounds. The JLT were keen to have our say and in a recent meeting, we were given that opportunity. Every JLT member was given a suggestion card and we were tasked were coming up with positive things we liked about the design and areas for improvement. Some of the areas we came up with were simple but hopefully will be taken on board. We want to see recycling facilities added to the design to try and reinforce the messages we have been giving to our community. As well as this, we feel it is important that there is a space created where parents and children could eat and chat together. In the interests of safety, we also felt that CCTV should be added nearby to ensure that everyone using the park will feel safe. We look forward to finding out if our suggestions and advice have been taken on board!

JLT park suggestions (5) JLT park suggestions (1) JLT park suggestions (2)


Broken Water Fountain!

It was brought to a JLT member’s attention last half term about the issues with the Water Fountain and the learning time this could potentially waste. The JLT spoke to Mr Sanderson and at the start of this half term a maintenance man came in and fixed the Water Fountain 2 terms ahead of schedule.

Water Fountain Fix JLT (1)

Keep your suggestions coming and we will keep on working hard to help!

Our Current Projects:

  • Educating our youngest children – The JLT are currently putting together some games, activities and posters to help the children in the foundation unit understand the importance of looking after our community.
  • Keeping Newsham Tidy – Our first big initiative is going to be focused on encouraging everyone to keep Newsham tidy. We will be launching our whole school litter pick plan soon.
  • The JLT Display is now up to date – put suggestions in the marked out area for us to look at.
  • We have succeeded in creating a ‘Friend Zone’ with our donated ‘Buddy Bench’ which allows lonely children to make new friends.
  • Updating our web page so that you can ask us questions / put forward ideas online. Update: This make take some time to create the new feature.
  • Our Love Northumberland, Hate Litter campaign was a huge success. We came in first place in the Waste Management category at the Love Northumberland awards and won a trophy, certificate and ‘Buddy Bench’ made from recycled materials! It was an honour to meet the Duchess of Northumberland!