The Ogden Trust

Two years ago, on a STEM Lead-Teacher course, Mr Gregory met Lorraine Coghill who is the North East Regional Coordinator for the Ogden Trust. She explained to him that the Ogden Trust is a charity set up by Sir Peter Ogden. As a boy, Sir Peter grew up in Rochdale which has a similar community to ours in Blyth. Through hard work, he was able to get a scholarship (his university fees paid for) to Durham University where he studied physics. He eventually left with a PhD and started his own computer company. After he made his fortune, he decided that he wanted to help other children, from similar backgrounds to him, to become passionate about physics and science in general. Luckily, Mr Gregory and Steve Rutland had a ready made partnership of schools in Blyth through the STEM hub and we signed up straight away. We will be working with them for five years in order to have a lasting, sustained impact. Find out more below:

Ogden Trust School partnership

Newsham Primary School is the lead school in the Ogden Blyth Primary Partnership, working with Morpeth Road Primary School; Horton Grange Primary School; Malvin’s Close Primary School; Croftway Primary School; The Dales School; Bede Academy (North & South) and The Blyth Academy to deliver inspiring, hands-on science to our pupils, raising the profile of the subject and encouraging the children to believe they can be scientists!

As part of an Ogden school partnership, we can access funding and subject specific teacher CPD to support physics teaching and learning. By working with The Ogden Trust and in partnership with other local schools, we can provide more enrichment and enhancement activities for our pupils; science leaders from each of the partnership schools meet termly to plan an exciting and inspiring programme of events.

The Ogden Trust is a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics, with the overall goal of increasing the number of students taking physics at GCSE, A-level and at university. Through the School Partnerships programme, the Trust offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning.

The children at Newsham are going to have an enriched physics curriculum as a result of the funding and support we receive through the Ogden Trust. It is vitally important that all of us encourage their love of science and physics at home and at school in order for them to feel like they can go on to have a career in fields that need a physics speciality. Many of the exciting companies at the Port of Blyth would be desperate to have physicists working with them and we want our children at Newsham to have the best opportunity to join them.

Many people have a fear around physics and think it is ‘too hard’ for them but we have to try and be as positive as possible about the subject. Children need to feel as though they are physicists and can take on many of the subject’s challenges head on. There will be a lot more information on these ideas in the soon to be launched ‘Science and Cultural Capital’ section of the Careers page.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more, there are loads of fantastic resources available on the Ogden Trust website: