Year 6 Homework

There has been lots of research into the effectiveness of homework and it is certainly the case that schools whose pupils do homework tend to be more successful. Common homework activities include reading or practising spelling and number facts, but may also include more extended activities to develop inquiry skills or more directed and focused work based on what has been taught in school.

Research has found that effective homework is associated with greater parental involvement and support, therefore our homework is designed to encourage parental engagement. Your feedback on how your child has managed each piece of set work, and the support you offered them, helps us develop a deeper understanding of how your child is progressing.

To support Year 6 in their transition to Secondary School, we feel that it is important that they get into good habits with homework. They need to learn the organisation and self discipline skills homework demands. Therefore, we set them weekly tasks in addition to the reading that we expect the pupils to do every day.

Pupils will be set work on a Friday and will hand it in on the following Friday. This means that they have a week to complete the work. To support them further, we offer a homework club on a Monday lunchtime. This is for any pupils that do not have access to IT, or anybody that needs help. Therefore, we suggest that pupils look at the homework as soon as they get it . If there is something that they find difficult, they can ask the teacher at homework club on a Monday.

Pupils will receive;

· A SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) sheet

· A maths sheet

· Spellings

Please remember, we do no expect parents/ carers to do the homework. We would just ask them to encourage the child to do it. If your child is finding the homework too difficult, or too easy, please let the class teacher know.