Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3/4)

Lower Key Stage 2 is a very exciting place to be at Newsham. The children move upstairs to the ‘Upper Deck’ on leaving Key Stage 1, and as they do so, they seem to mature. Expectations upon them increase as they develop more independence in their learning behaviours. Staff are very approachable and if you have any questions your first conversations should be with your child’s class teacher. In addition to the formal meeting opportunities,¬†the end of the day when classes are being dismissed is a great time to catch up.

Supporting your child’s learning at home is crucial. At Newsham we are dedicated to helping parents and carers in working with us as a team in securing the best possible outcomes for every child. From this page you can access support materials for¬†homework and additional learning opportunities.

Please follow the links for more advice about working with your child at home.