Helping Your Child At Home- Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 are crucial years in child’s academic development. In school they still require ample opportunities for creativity and to deepen understanding of concepts through application and reasoning. It is no different at home, and helping your child beyond the classroom can have significant benefits.

The most important benefit of helping your child is that it shows how much you value education. Parents and carers are often keen to support sporting activities and hobbies, but less confident to support academic progress. At Newsham we aim to break down any barriers to supporting your child.

Guidelines for success

  • Find out things they are interested in and explore it further.
  • Learning at home should be fun. Make it short and where you can, turn it into a game.
  • Ensure they have done their homework to the best of their ability.
  • Do not accept work from them that you know is below the standard they are capable of.
  • Read with them and ask questions about the books they read.
  • Limit other distractions, particularly computer time.

Far more tips on supporting your child are available from the parent information sessions and across this website.

Information about the curriculum for Year 3 and 4 can be found here.

Further reading about the benefits and methods of supporting your child in learning can be found here.

Help to make challenging questions about reading, to find out how much your child has understood can be found using our Questioning Grid. Your child will show you how to use this grid as they have used them in school.

Spelling Help are ways of helping your child learn their spellings.

Suggested websites for further study are here.

The School Run usually has excellent free trial periods. It is a website designed to help parents/ carers in supporting their children.

Suggested websites for further study are here.