Year 5 Bikeability

We are really proud of our Year 5’s (and the staff) who have been out in all weathers this week to ensure cycle safety is clearly understood. We are always looking for ways to have fun, for green ways to travel, and opportunities to exercise. Cycling ticks all three of those boxes, but it has… More

Castle Prints

Year 2 have been amazing artists this week! Linked to our castles topic, they designed their image and worked carefully to imprint their design onto a piece of foam without it breaking! Then this week, we rolled printing ink on to the foam and squashed it onto the paper. The children loved seeing their hard… More

Pumpkin Planting

Today, with the help of Mrs Hogg and her daughter, Robyn, from Laverock Hall Farm, we have planted our very own pumpkins! Each class will look after their seed and watch it grow (hopefully). We plan to have a pumpkin carving competition in the autumn.

Arrangements for 27th May in school – letter attached

Please read this letter for the update of arrangements for Friday 27th May. Northumberland Day, Sports Day and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. NPS Arrangements in school for Friday 27th May 2022

Clubs are back at Newsham!

Clubs are back at Newsham! It has been lovely to see the children enjoying so many things that have been denied to them of late. In addition to the return of Breakfast Club, netball and football club have been been very popular for our oldest children in the last few weeks. Year 4 have a… More

Family Learning Sessions

Our family learning sessions are now underway and we were delighted to welcome some more new faces last week. If you would like to join us too, it’s not too late! The sessions are on Wednesday afternoons from 1.50pm until 3.05pm. Please contact our school office or speak to a member of staff at the… More

Year 3 Coal Miners

Year 3 have been learning what it was like to work in a coal mine. Mrs Kearney brought in some original miner’s lamps and ornaments made from coal that belonged to her grandad who was a miner in Birtley. The children enjoyed looking at the detail of the ornaments and linking them to their learning.

Isabella Heap Volunteer Group

We met these fantastic people from Isabella Heap Volunteer Group yesterday cleaning up the mess along the abandoned railway cut near the bottom of our school field. We were not surprised to find Newsham pupils, a parent and an ex governor amongst the group. There was also some of our good friends from Rotary. Look… More

Year 1 Spuds Are Up!

The Great Potato Growing Competition 2022 has started in Year 1. Puffins and Penguins are competing to grow the most potatoes as part of their plant topic. Last year we grew more than 4000 potatoes. Do you think we can beat it this year? What do you grow at home?

Dancing Their Way To Success!

Grace and Tayla-Jay have been very successful at dancing this past weekend. They have both won awards at a big competition in the categories fast and slow pairs, and fast and slow individual. Well done girls! 👏 Look at the photo to see them with their trophies and medals!