PE Kit

Thanks so much to everyone for helping us to improve the extent to which PE kits now adhere to the expectations set out in our school uniform policy.  We have noticed a vast improvement over the past week and it is really obvious in whole school assemblies that turquoise, blue, green and pink items of clothing have disappeared.  We realise that sometimes it’s difficult to get tracksuit bottoms that are completely plain and some have a very small self-coloured logo or a pin stripe.  We are really understanding at Newsham and I’ve talked to the children in assembly about the difference between these items of clothing and those that immediately stand out as being completely different to our school uniform.  The children have been very sensible about this and we have reached a compromise  together.  A typical Newsham way of moving forward together!

Finally and on a slightly different note, the girls in school and I have also agreed that the current and very large hair bows are lovely but that we should avoid the brightly coloured ones and again, stick to tiny ones or those in our school colours.  Thanks so much for working with us to make our school as smart as possible.