A Busy Half Term! 

Every half term at Newsham is packed with learning and opportunities to develop.  This half term has been particularly busy but we somehow managed to squeeze our Ofsted inspection into a full timetable.  We were really pleased with the written content of our inspection report and a number of other schools and Headteachers have already asked to visit Newsham to find out why we are so successful.  Part of our success lies in our determination to push ahead relentlessly in all aspects of life at Newsham.  The children deserve every opportunity to be the very best that they can be and we need your help to make that happen!  We need the children to be in school every day and so we are taking a really strong line on attendance, punctuality and families who take holidays in term time.  We are also pushing ahead by contacting parents of children not wearing school uniform or completing homework / reading at home.  I hope you can understand that we are driven by a determination to give our children the absolute best that we can offer.  I’m always more than happy to listen to your suggestions of other ways to make our wonderful school even better and I really appreciate the opportunity to work in partnership with all our families.  Thanks for your ongoing support.