Assembly Monday 11th January

We are delighted that you have been so supportive and proactive this week. Thank you for your help, understanding and supportive messages.
The engagement with home learning has been very good and we are working very hard to remove any barriers to learning.
We are keen to maintain the community feel of Newsham Primary wherever we can and one of our special collective moments is our assemblies. Therefore, we are going to try and have an assembly on Monday. We have no idea if the technology is going to be up to it, and it may be a flop, but let’s give it a go!
You should have noticed that you have now been added to a new group in Teams called ‘Assembly’. On Monday, just before 10am, you will need to login to your Assembly group in the same way as you login to your class teams. You will then be asked to ‘join’ the meeting. If you click on this we hope that you will be able to share the assembly screen. Please do not try and use any webcams as the system will not support this.
Let’s give it a go. If we have a complete technical failure we will update the website and Facebook to let you know what we will try next.