As you know, attendance is our first priority at Newsham Primary School and I am really concerned at the current number of holiday requests that have been submitted for this summer term.

Whilst we have many rewards in place to recognise high levels of attendance, we are also obliged to respond to unauthorised holidays with fixed penalty fines and unfortunately we have had to impose more fines this year than ever before.  I think that it is important parents and carers realise that fines are issued by Northumberland County Council with involvement by the Education Welfare Officer for Blyth.  It is also important to note that NCC rules state that fixed penalty fines have to be issued for each school aged child in the family AND to each parent.  This means a family of four school aged children and two parents would receive a fine of 4 X £60 = £240 and this would be imposed on EACH parent resulting in an overall fine of £480.

I completely understand that the prices of holidays when schools are closed are ridiculously high and that some parents and carers have no choice about when they take their annual holiday.  As a mum, I experience this every year myself.  That said, my job is to educate the children during term time and to do everything possible to ensure they are in school.  Everything we are striving to achieve at Newsham is only possible if the children are actually in school.  Therefore, please be aware that you are subject to fixed penalty fines if you take your children on holiday during term time.

Good Attendance Matters!  It means being in school at least 96%.

(This is only 8 days illness)

365 days in the calendar year

190 school days each year = 175 non school days a year!

All this time for shopping, holidays and appointments