Charity Support for 2016-2017

As we have been inundated with requests to raise funds for charities over recent years, we recently decided to set up a Charity Steering Group.  One of the main tasks of this group is to confirm the  charities that the children democratically vote to support each year.  This academic year, our children have voted for a cancer charity (Daft as a Brush) and an animal charity (Blyth Wildlife Trust).  In order to make the most difference possible, it was agreed that we would support two charities each academic year alongside Children in Need or Red Nose Day on an alternate yearly basis.  I hope you understand the reasoning behind this decision and I apologise in advance if any parent or carer was hoping that we could support a different charity.  There are so many worthwhile causes but by narrowing the focus for our fundraising efforts, we hope the children will also have time to learn more about the chosen charities and the work they do to help others.