Christmas Services at St Bede’s Church for Y3 to Y6 pupils and families

As parents and carers are already aware, our older children in Y3, 4, 5 and 6 are taking part in Christmas Carol Concerts at St Bede’s Church again this year.  These events really help to signify the beginning of Christmas and are special occasions in the life of our school.  After trying many different forms of organisation, I’ve taken the decision that all the children have to return to school after the services.  I can completely understand how convenient it is for parents and carers attending to collect their child from the church but this is becoming increasingly difficult to arrange.  Some children are expected back at school for extra curricular clubs, packed lunch boxes and reading folders may need to be collected, younger siblings may still be in school and apart from all these factors, the church just isn’t large enough to arrange collection from the pews.

Whilst I understand the desire for church collection, I hope you can understand my need to prioritise the safety of the children and the concerns teachers have to ensure the events run as smoothly as possible for all concerned.  Thanks very much for your support.