Just another quick post about Coronavirus as I’m aware some parents and carers might be continuing to feel generally concerned and are likely to be watching news updates as the days go by.

Obviously, the international, national and local situation in relation to the spread of Coronavirus is changing on an ongoing basis. That said, Public Health England and the Department for Education continue to provide Headteachers with daily advice / updates and Northumberland County Council are also including briefings in their correspondence to schools. I am continuing to read them all carefully and will inform everybody of any specific advice for schools if it becomes necessary.

As Headteacher of Newsham Primary School, I need to be mindful of the health of pupils, staff and any visitors or parents / carers coming onto our school site. Obviously as adults, we are all responsible for decisions around our own health and well-being and whilst Coronavirus is a real concern, other minor ailments such as colds, sore throats etc, which are likely to be completely   unrelated will still be around at this time of year. My advice would always be to undertake regular episodes of handwashing for twenty seconds, coughing or sneezing into a tissue that can then be disposed of and keeping a reasonable distance from others if you have a common cold or sore throat. Public Health advise phoning the NHS helpline (telephone 111) if you or someone you care for have symptoms that concern you.

I hope this post reassures everyone that as usual, Newsham is taking the very greatest care of    everyone connected to the life of our school and I will provide you with any updates that are relevant to schools as they occur.

Please help us by reinforcing the hygiene messages we have been reminding the children about. Other than that, it is school as normal at the moment.