Danger Alert

On Monday, I spoke to all the children from Y1 to Y6 in assembly to explain the potential danger of a serious incident that occurred last week (we will also talk to our youngest children in Nursery and     Reception in a separate and age appropriate manner).  One of our Y6 pupils picked up a flat “button  battery” on the way to school, kept it in his trouser pocket and then during the course of the day, put it in his mouth and swallowed it.  Thankfully, he quickly told me what he’d done and by working immediately with his family, he was in hospital within 30 minutes.  Two x rays and an emergency ambulance journey to the RVI resulted in a positive outcome for this child but he is very aware that things could have been very different.  Whilst he was in hospital, the national BBC news reported the death of one baby and one toddler who had also swallowed button batteries.  These batteries can be found in many household gadgets and appliances (cameras, remote controls, bathroom scales to name but a few) and the number of fatalities amongst children who swallow them is rising.  I wouldn’t have expected a Y6 pupil to have done something like this but it made me realise that it can be any child at any age.  Please reinforce the message around the dangers of batteries and help us to prevent this happening to any other child.  Thanks for your support.