Extension to School Opening from 13th July

As stated in the letter about extension of opening of Newsham Primary School from Mrs Armstrong on 22nd May, we are aiming to invite Y1, Reception and Y6 children into school again for the week beginning 13th July. This will depend on how safely we continue to manage increased numbers of Y1, Reception and Y6 children in school next week but we are trying to plan ahead.  Please be aware that even if you choose not to send your Y6 child to school, we are still hoping to invite them in to school to recognise their ‘leaving’ of Newsham Primary with a special event. If you have a child in Reception, Y1 or Y6 and you would like them to be in school under the new socially distant arrangements that we are trying to instigate, you must complete the booking forms by 12:00 on 7th July.  Applications for places will close at that point.

Please make sure that you read the linked letter before you complete the form.  The letter Mrs Armstrong sent to you on 1st June is also very important as it provides important details about the new and stringent arrangements in school.  Unfortunately one of the new safety measures is that only one parent or carer can bring a child to school and no access to the school premises can be allowed.  Children will be collected from the school gates and we understand that this may be difficult for some of our youngest children.  Please note that Reception children need to be brought to the main school gate at the front of school for collection by staff at 9.15am and they must be collected by a single parent or carer at the same gate at 3pm.  Y6 children must wait at the ramp gate at 2 metre intervals for collection by staff at 9.15am and they will be taken back to that gate at 3pm.   Mrs Armstrong details many of measures that have been put in place in the Action Plan for Newsham Primary School on our school website but is also clear that she cannot guarantee safety in school at this time despite our best efforts.

For year groups that are invited back into school, we are aware that demand for places could change over time. Consequently, if your child secures a place in school for any particular week, it cannot be guaranteed that the same offer will be made for the following week. Also, we can not guarantee that the year groups invited back will secure that place through to the end of the summer term. We are going to have to be flexible with our offer and are moving forward cautiously while the situation surrounding coronavirus remains uncertain.

Thank you for your ongoing consideration and patience.  There is nothing we want more than to have our special school operating as normal again.  We will get there over time and we’ll get there together.