Half Term Message from Mrs Armstrong

Dear Parents and Carers of Newsham Primary School,

We’ll we’ve almost made it to half term despite everything that has been sent our way for almost a year now!  We’re all still smiling and still completely appreciate how special Newsham is both to us but also  to everyone involved in the life of the school.

Despite the smiles, our whole community seems battle weary and worn down by the way in which the pandemic is affecting everyone at an individual level.  These battles are as personal as those fighting them.  That said, I am continuing to meet this whole situation head on with kindness, compassion, empathy, support and as much happiness as I can find and I know all staff and governors are doing exactly the same.

Happiness was challenged this morning when a journey to school that should take 25 minutes, took 90 in dreadful road conditions!   Still, in terms of always looking for the silver lining in the snow filled clouds, children everywhere are loving this weather and the snow that continues to fall as I look out the window!

Half term (Monday February 15th to Monday February 22nd) is a chance for children to break from learning in school or remotely. Please don’t expect work to be marked next week as I really want staff to have some time to devote to their own children or family members that may need their help.

In terms of plans for school moving forward, I’ve no more information than anyone else at this stage and will be waiting to hear what Boris says on February 22nd.  Regardless of the time frame that he imposes, there will be much to plan and reorganise yet again.  I promise we’ll continue to do this in the most supportive and helpful way possible but I do know there will be challenges to overcome and obstacles to move out the way!

As Headteacher, the responsibility I feel to get things right for everyone is huge but the responsibility to keep everyone safe is greater still.  The number of individuals attending our school when we are fully open is over 500 and you’ll understand how much work has to go into the systems to keep everyone as safe as possible.

At the moment I’m looking at the organisation of desks etc in bubbles in preparation for greater numbers of children in school but also ways in which I can restrict the number of staff crossing between bubbles and also the enhanced cleaning regime that will be required to keep the increased number of children safe.
I’ll probably come back to you all with more information about these issues when I’ve finalised the new plan but would already want to say again how much I appreciate your trust in us at Newsham and your willingness to support us in any way you can.

I feel incredibly honoured to be Headteacher at Newsham and whilst I’m really missing our whole community being together, that light at the end of the tunnel is shining more brightly as each week passes and we all just need to keep heading towards it.

Sending lots of love to all the children.
Stay safe and please feel free to share this update.
Mrs Armstrong