As you know, we are planning an activity day for the children on October 31st, which is the second day back at school after the half term break.  For parents and carers choosing to allow their child to dress up for the day, please ensure that this does not involve costumes that may frighten younger children.  I have already talked to the children in assembly about examples of costumes that are not acceptable and I have also told them not to bring plastic weapons, tridents etc.  I’m sure if you ask them what Mrs Armstrong said about dressing up, they should be able to tell you.  We did also tell the children that today (Thursday, October 19th) has been the last day to sign up for activities.  This is because staff have to organise groups, buy resources etc. and in a school of this size, there is a lot of organisation involved.  This was clearly explained in the letter that was sent home some time ago and the children have had lots of reminders.  Thank-you for your understanding.  We should have a spooktacular day!