Help with our Library! 

As I’ve mentioned in previous editions of Newsham News, we are in the process of moving our school library from The Lighthouse to The Rockpool (previously known as The Studio).  We are trying to create a bigger and more exciting library for our children but we are very short of books for the children to borrow from this larger space.  As a mum, I remember passing books on to friends when my son and daughter became too old for them and I wondered if other parents in the same position could pass them on to us for our library?

We are looking for both fiction and non-fiction books in really good condition, which are suitable for primary school aged children.  They can be large or small, hard backed or paper backed; books that are no longer needed in your home but that other children would love to borrow and read.

We know that our school library is a vital part of our aim to get all children to discover a love of reading and the wider the variety of books we have to offer, the more chance of us sparking that love of    reading!  We have already committed £3000 from our school budget towards this project but we’d still really appreciate your help.  Please don’t part with dearly treasured books and there’s obviously no obligation to help but if you are happy to donate, please put the books in a bag clearly labelled “library” and hand them in at the school office or to your child’s teacher.

I promise to keep you updated with our progress and let you know how many books we manage to collect.  Many thanks as always, for your support.